Contact Information

Our mailing address is 42 Kings Highway East, Dover DE 19901.
Our main number is (302) 734-7478 & our fax number is (302) 734-7557.

Please note that for the safety of our children, we do not release the cottages' direct lines to the public.
If you need to contact a client or require the number for any reason, please call the main office.
Please be aware that we may request documentation or refer you to the Division of Family Services.

Staff Contact Information

Title & Name Email Phone Number
Executive Director, Michael Kopp mkopp (at) murpheyschool [dot] org 302/734-7459
Director of Programming, Jim Nye jnye (at) murpheyschool [dot] org 302/734-7599
Director of Personnel, Grace Halama ghalama (at) murpheyschool [dot] org 302/734-7520
Family Reunification Specialist, Nathan Reid nreid (at) murpheyschool [dot] org 302/734-7349
Nurse, Debbie Satterfield dsatterfield (at) murpheyschool [dot] org 302/734-7478 ext 27
Office Manager, Alice Waggoner awaggoner (at) murpheyschool [dot] org 302/734-7478 ext 14
ILP Manager, Open Position 302/734-7349
ILP Case Manager, Autumn Prystajko aprystajko (at) murpheyschool [dot] org 302/734-7349
ILP Case Manager, Mary Sweet-Farrow msweet-farrow (at) murpheyschool [dot] org 302/734-7349
ILP Case Manager, Marcel Tate mtate (at) murpheyschool [dot] org 302/734-7349